Are the wedding ceremonies that you perform (either at the chapel or at the couple’s preferred location) legal?

Yes. EB Chapel’s Wedding Ceremonies are 100% legal and binding according to the CA state laws.


How old should the parties be if they want to get married?

Here in CA, both parties should be at least 18 to be legally married.


Should I be a U.S. resident to be lawfully married here?

No. Any couple from any country can be legally married in the United States. Even if you and your partner are just on vacation in the U.S., you can be legally married here. The majority of countries consider a marriage in the U.S. as a valid marriage in their own country (you may check with your own country’s authorities beforehand).


What forms of Identification do you accept?

Any of the following are accepted: US state-issued I.D. (such as a Driver’s License), government-issued Driver’s License or I.D. (if you’re from a foreign country), Naturalization Certificate, the Matricula Consular with Birth Certificate, Military I.D., or Alien Registration Card (Green Card).


Should we have witnesses at our wedding?

No. We do not require you to have legal witnesses as long as you provide valid I.D.s and are living together (or intend to live together) from the day of the wedding.


Do I need to be issued my marriage license at the county clerk?

Getting your marriage license from the county clerk takes a lot of time and energy. Our legally authorized Notary Public can provide you with a confidential CA state marriage license in our own chapel.


How can I have a certified copy of my marriage license?

Our Notary Public will provide you with certified copies of your marriage license on that same day so that you have a legal verification of your marriage. On the other hand, the county clerk’s office will send your certified copy to your residence 6-8 weeks after your marriage took place (the CA state charges $14 for each copy, in the form of CHECK or MONEY ORDER only)

Can I have a rushed certified copy of my marriage license?

If you need to have a certified copy of your marriage license earlier than the normal timeframe, we have a rush service for only $60. This will shorten your waiting time for a certified copy of your marriage license to 2-4 weeks (instead of the regular 6-8 weeks). This is the quickest timeframe of getting a certified copy of your marriage license in LA.


We suddenly have to change our wedding plans. Is it okay if we do that?

We at EB Chapel know how important your wedding is for you, and we understand that you may want to change some details in your wedding. That is why we’ll give you one whole year (or 12 months) from your originally-set wedding date to reschedule . We won’t charge any penalty fee, but your payment is non-refundable.


Do we have to give the Minister/Officiant a tip?

Our rates include the Minister’s fee. Nonetheless, you may give a tip if you wish. The bride’s father or the Best Man is usually the one to tip the Minister after the wedding ceremony.



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